Original polymeric spring system for mattresses

What is Polymspring?

Polymspring is a new and innovbative polimeric spring system for mattresses

It is made from high elasticity polymer; this quality means it can be used to produce more than 99,9% metal-free cushioning systems for mattresses, with excellent air circulation.

Stop to electrosmog

Traditional metal spring mattresses attract and reflect electromagnetic waves to our bodies as we sleep; current technology means our habitats are full of these waves (mobile phones, TV, wi-fi, repeaters, microwave ovens, artificial satellites, industrial equipment, etc.). The polymeric nature of the Polymspring spring system removes this problem.

Thanks to thin but comfortable layers of padding and to the large air bladder, a mattress made with new Polymspring systems offsets the accumulation of natural humidity released by our body during the night and absorbed by the mattress.
This defect can often be found in latex and/or foam mattresses with a single, dense structure.

and humidity problems

The structure of a Polymspring mattress:

  1. Memory Foam: visco-elastic Memory Foam that pleasantly enfolds the body.
  2. Polyurethane Elastic Foam: thin layer that adapts to the weight of the body supported and distributes it to the spring below.
  3. Reinforcing mesh: support layer to uniform the contact surface between the elements.
  4. Polymspring System: original polimeric system with air bladder to help remove the humidity released by the body during the night.

Over 100 years of lifetime

Polymspring has been submitted to over 300,000 compression and decompression cycles equivalent to a typical use for more than 100 years, without any loss of elasticity.

A look for the future

The success of Polymspring is due to the original shape and the polymeric material: this one is 100% recyclable.

A new quality of relaxation

Polymspring system is very easy to asseble and it permits to produce a wide range of high quality mattresses.

100% Made in Italy

Polymspring has been designed and manufactured in Italy by

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